100% (AAA) Premium Quality Natural Color

100% Quality AAA Premium Quality Rubber Bands 

We manufacture AAA transparent natural premium quality rubber bands. The rubber band is made from 100% pure natural rubber. Such rubber bands are highly durable and elastic. This high rubber content makes this grade of rubber band very suitable for office use, bank, school, govt. offices. grocery & supermarkets, retail shops, agricultural farms for packing the produce, vegetables & fruit cultivation, etc.

Dimensions of the rubber band: The dimensions of the rubber bands are made as per the specifications of the buyer. Diameters are also used as per the individual requirements. We can produce all commonly used sizes.

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Packing: The rubber bands are packed as per the weight specified by the buyer. Common weight of rubber band per polybag are:

100 grams rubber bands x 40 bags per carton (=4kgs/ctn)

150 grams rubber bands per polybag X 100 bags per carton (=15 kgs/ctn)

200 grams rubber bands per polybag X  80 bags per carton (=16 kgs/ctn)

300 grams rubber bands per polybag X 60 bags per carton (=18 kgs/ctn)

500 grams rubber bands per polybag x 20 bags per carton (=10 kgs/ctn)

1000 grams rubber bands per polybag x 20 bags per carton (=20 kgs/ctn)

1000 grams rubber bands per polybag x 30 bags per PP woven sack (=30 kgs/sack)

Delivery: usually we need about 30 to 45 days for production.



Packaging: Rubber bands can be packed in polybags or boxes. The packaging and labeling is done in accordance with the buyer’s requirements. The most economical (and thus the much used) method of packaging is in polybags. The polybags are made of PP plastic material and can be printed with the buyer’s logo and markings. Standard information, such as NET WEIGHT and COUNTRY OF ORIGIN, is also usually mentioned alongside.

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Colors: 100% AAA, the premium grade rubber band, is produced only in the natural color. Due to the high purity of the rubber, the bands are yellowish in color and transparent.

York Impex Co., Ltd. is a long time player in the rubber band manufacturing and export business. We have exported our products to more than 25 countries around the world.

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