60 Percent Quality Orange Color Bands 1 Kg. Poly bag

60% Quality Colored Rubber Bands-

We manufacture assorted color rubber bands with 60% compound mixture. The rubber band is made from pure natural rubber with 40% compound mixture and coloring dye. Such rubber bands are not only cost effective but also environment friendly. 60% compound rubber bands are suitable for tying money, office use, bank, school, govt. offices. grocery & supermarkets, retail shops, agricultural farms for packing the produce, vegetables & fruit cultivation, etc.

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Dimensions of the rubber band: The dimensions of the rubber bands are made as per the specifications of the buyer. There are 3 basic dimensions to specify, namely: Diameter, Cut-width and Thickness. Some of the commonly used sizes are:

Size:       Dia   X  Cut-Width  X Thickness

No.14      1 ¼ ” X 1.1mm X 1.1mm

No.62      1 ½ ”  x ¼”  x 1.1mm

No.19      3 ½”  X 5/64″ X 1/32″

No.30      2″ X 1/8” X 1/32″

No.32      2″ X 3mm X 1.1mm

No.34       2 ½” X 3mm X 1.1mm

No.35/36   3″ X 3mm X 1.1mm

No.64       3 ½” X ¼ “ X 1/32”

No.76/77   3″ X 9mm X 1.1mm

No.88       3 ½”  X 12mm X 1.1mm

No.10      7/8″  X  1.1mm X 1.0mm

No.12       1″  X 1.1mm X 1.0mm

Many buyers prefer to use the flat-length of the rubber band which is a more accurate measurement.

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Packing: The rubber bands are packed as per the weight specified by the buyer. They can be packed in polybags or paper boxes.

Commonly prefered weight of rubber band per polybag are:

  1. 1 lb in polybag, 25 lbs per carton
  2. 100 grams rubber bands x 40 bags per carton (=4kgs/ctn)
  3. 150 grams rubber bands per polybag X 100 bags per carton (=15 kgs/ctn)
  4. 200 grams rubber bands per polybag X  80 bags per carton (=16 kgs/ctn)
  5. 300 grams rubber bands per polybag X 60 bags per carton (=18 kgs/ctn)
  6. 500 grams rubber bands per polybag x 20 bags per carton (=10 kgs/ctn)
  7. 1000 grams rubber bands per polybag x 20 bags per carton (=20 kgs/ctn)
  8. 1000 grams rubber bands per polybag x 30 bags per PP woven sack (=30 kgs/sack)

Commonly selected weight of rubber band in boxes are: 25 grams/box, 50 grams/box, 100 grams/box. Other weights can also be made available according to demand.

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Delivery: usually we need about 30 to 45 days for production. Shipments are made by sea either in 20ft or 40 HQ containers.