60% Quality Natural Rubber Bands

60% quality rubber bands are the most economical rubber bands for packaging. The medium rubber content reduces the cost over heads especially for large scale packaging jobs. The rubber bands can be produced as per the sizes required.

Our rubber bands are ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY.

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York Impex Co., Ltd.  offers very special prices for 60% compound rubber. The raw materials used are of  superior quality and much attention is given while packaging and labeling of the goods.

Colors: Brown, Tan, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White, Orange, Purple. Other colors can be produced upon request.

60% Quality Natural Color
60% Quality Natural Color (Tan color)

60% compound rubber bands mixed 5 colors

60% red, blue, yellow, white rubber bands mixed

60% rubber bands orange color

60% rubber bands




Packing: The packing of rubber bands can be in PP polybags or paper boxes. The question how many grams of rubber bands are contained in the polybag or box is to answered by the customer/buyer. The outer packaging can be in cartons or sacks and again the number of bags or boxes per carton/sack must be specified by the buyer.

Rubber band packed inside export boxes with strapping.
Rubber band packed inside export cartons (boxes) with strapping.
Sacks containing rubber bands are inside a shipping container ready for going on board a cargo vessel.
Sacks of rubber bands inside a shipping container ready for going on board a cargo vessel.
1 kilogram plain bag
1 kg polybag

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Delivery: In general our delivery lead time is about 30 to 45 days. However, the exact lead time would change according to the type of packaging and if we have to make bags or boxes as per client’s design. Such processes require more time and it may take longer for ultimate delivery of goods.


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