Flexbands 100% Quality Rubber Bands Box

Flexband Rubber Band is suited for use on a work desk at home, banks, schools, government offices and other establishments. The rubber bands are filled into a beautiful green box. There is a perforated hole on the box which makes it easy to take out single pieces of the rubber band from the box. The quantity of rubber band weight in each box is usually specified by the buyer according to their particular market demands. Commonly weight of rubber band in each box is 10 grams, 15 grams, 25 grams, 35 grams or 50 grams.

The rubber band quality shown in the picture here is of 100%. We also produce Flexband Brand rubber bands in other qualities such as 90% and 80%. Click here to see other qualities of Flexband Brand rubber bands…

The weight of What is the quality and weight of rubber band you need in each box? Click on the “Send Enquiry” button below for more information and a free quote.


Specifications:  Most common size of rubber band that is used for FLEXBAND brand rubber band is size 20 or size 18. (Diameter of the rubber band: 2 inches).

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Packaging Details: 12 boxes in a shrink wrap, then 20 shrink wraps in a strong export carton (20 dozens x 12 boxes = 240 boxes in each carton). 880 cartons per 40 HQ container.

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Delivery Lead Time: 30-40 days.