100 Percent Quality Natural Rubber Bands Packed With Falcon Polybag

100% Quality Falcon Band 

York Impex Co., Ltd. offers Falcon Polybag Rubber Band which is famous worldwide. In each bag we pack the rubber band weight as per the buyer’s requirements. Most common weight of rubber band in each bag is: 80 grams or 90 grams or 100 grams. The weight of rubber band that is packed is specified by the buyer and is different for each market. What is the weight of rubber band you need in each bag?

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The color of rubber band is usually the natural tan or brown color. Assorted colors are also required by some buyers.



Specifications: The size of the rubber band will depend on the market. Most common size that is used for Falcon brand rubber band is size 1.5” , 2”, 2.5” (Diameter).

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Delivery Detail: 30-40 days